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Jun 09 2010

Texas Blog?

I’ve been thinking I want to have a blog, or blog-esque thing, to keep loved ones update on Texas goings-on. However, I’m thinking I probably don’t really want to set up a REAL blog. Perhaps facebook notes will do just fine?

I may change my mind. But for now, here’s Texas, day one. Hopefully I’ll eventually mature beyond a “this happened. Then this happened. And then I thought this” style, but for now, it’ll have to do.


Starting from the moment I was through security at SMF (High-five for not missing my flight!), I was plowing through my last TFA readings. Somehow, best intentions always seem to amount to just barely scraping by. But boy, did I scrape! Definitely finished my last (hard-copy) reading with about a half-hour left to spare on my flight into San Antonio, and was well on my way through the reflections (I finished my reflections and video work, as well as the supplemental readings, in the La Quinta lobby).

I did my interview with a high school (Blast! I don’t even remember which school!) sitting on the floor in the very crowded, very loud San Diego airport. I called to apologize for missing an earlier phone call from them (being miles up in the air and all), and to reschedule for another day, and the secretary asked, “well, it will only take about 15 minutes; do you have time right now?” *** Learning Moment #1: If you should find yourself being asked to do a tele-conference interview between connecting flights, opt out. NOT a good choice. *** I heard about half of what the (three? four?) interviewers were asking me, and was cut off multiple times by airport security announcements/boarding instructions/assaults by stray wheelchairs. I was distracted and not really mentally prepared. I’ll be pretty surprised if I end up receiving that particular 9th grade algebra placement (although I’ll also be pretty stoked!).

But the rest of the journey was pretty uneventful, aside from a fantastic Arnold Schwarzenegger impression by the flight attendant coming into SAT (he was just plain funny! I laughed as loud as I’ve ever laughed on a plane at “I’m from the mighty state of Texas, God Bless America. But remember, folks: United We Stand, but Southwest–We Fly!”). That is, until I stepped out of the automatic doors of the airport and into a thick, warm cloud. Seriously: the whole humidity thing is no joke. I literally laughed out loud, I was so shocked. I held up traffic just standing in the crosswalk being stunned at how wet my existence had suddenly become. An Texas lady waved me on impatiently. I tell you what, wow.

Speaking of which, ***Cool Texas Thing #1: Maybe I’m imagining it, but people feel incredibly conversational! Everyone really bought into the flight attendant’s humor, and applauded him after his schpiel. Then I chit-chatted with the people next to me, and with the hotel shuttle driver, and with the concierge, and with a guy in the hotel elevator. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s coincidence, but I like it. ***

Now it’s 1am CDT, which is 11pm PDT, and I’m wrapping things up. Except last I heard, I’m supposed to have a buddy to share this here hotel room with. I hope everything’s okay there…

Goodnight, family and friends! Goodnight, self! Goodnight, beautiful Texas thunderstorm (biiig ‘ol lightning flashes since before 10pm, I tell you what)! Goodnight, Big Flying Grasshopper/Cricket Bug Thing who just appeared on my windowsill!

… whoa, Texas, I tell you what.

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