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Jun 15 2010

Induction vs. Institute

Middle School of Fine Arts? … Texas is weird.

It’s 6:15 am and I’m getting ready to head to DAY TWO! of Institute. Yesterday was mostly fantastic, and very interesting, and very long. The total # of typos and misplaced apostrophes or commas in TFA texts has increased from zero to 3. And while an organization’s grammar doesn’t solely define its amount of prepared-ness or quality of planning… still. C’mon, TFA.

Nothing at Institute has been poorly planned or executed. No session I’ve been to has been disappointing in its depth or amount of CM participation … but the level of insight and absolute impressiveness just isn’t the same as it was in San Antonio. I’m realizing over and over how incredibly hard the SA regional staff must have worked to create such an intentionally supportive, genuine, thoughtful existence for us in just the short time we were there. We felt unified and continuously inspired and genuinely insightful and interested–none of which I have felt to the same degree here in Houston. That said, however, Rice’s dorms have Trinity’s beat, and there are 775 of us instead of 100, and it’s only day one, and I’m not passing judgment on anything just yet.

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