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Sep 30 2010

September the Last

Tomorrow is October. OCTOBER already. I’ve been living the same impossible week over and over and over again, and I just don’t see how it’s not still August 30.

Time is passing. As I still struggle to get myself to work every morning and through every day, the clock is ticking and the achievement gap is growing. I feel backwards,  like I haven’t yet gotten to the part where I get to focus on student achievement. I’m so obsessed with myself and my own learning curve that it feels like a luxury to be able to worry about something so lofty as how my kids actually performed on their assessments. See? Backwards.

… or rather, not backwards (planned). Tomorrow marks the end of the Triangles unit, and so help me, I’m GOING to write a Polygons assessment and unit plan this weekend.

A quick note on October, before I sign off:  that “phases of teaching” line graph is a little off for me. I think there’s supposed to be an “anticipation” or “honeymoon” period in September somewhere, and October’s supposed to be the dive into “disillusionment.” My “dive” happened on August 24th and I’ve been down here ever since! … Although I am seeing an increasing trend of little peaks amid all the mucking down here. Status going into October 1: timidly, cautiously optimistic. Like a stupidly loyal but abused dog.

Moments from today:

Boy I Can’t Figure Out comes in before first period: “Miss, I just gotta be honest with you: I wasn’t paying attention at all yesterday and I have no idea what that project is even about. I just wanted to apologize.”   … then he doesn’t show up for class.

One of my football players in 7th period:  “Miss, you too patient!”     HA! So true. Ohhh, honey, if you only knew the weight of what you just said..

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  1. Just wanted to flag for you that linking to images on Facebook caused an error for your blog feed and the site feed. In the future, just upload the image into Teach For Us using the image gallery feature. You can “upload” the link to the image on Facebook, and it will copy it over for you. You’ll notice now that your graph is actually served up by the site itself.

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