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Nov 14 2010

If only…

If I’d been blogging during the last two weeks, you would have heard all about:

– The day my Big Goal came to class and BLEW UP at me, big time. That was the angriest I’ve ever seen anyone.

– The day I (finally) wrote a kid up for throwing things around my room, to have him completely deny it and his mother back him up

– The day that mother called an emergency conference to address the issue, and yelled at me for 35 minutes straight

– The day that kid was accused of sexual assault by one of my new students—during my class.

– The day mom found out about this charge, and found out that I’d given a statement to the police about it. Hoo boy.

– The fact that these were all the very same day.

I really do wish it hadn’t been two full weeks and that I hadn’t recounted the story so many times I’ve become tired of telling it. Mom called an ARD that Friday so she could spend another hour and a half pointing her finger at me and not letting a word in edgewise. Crazy, crazy times. I’m am super-proud of my DCA, though. :P

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