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Nov 22 2010

Day this what to fight evebody

I’ve had the opportunity over the past couple of days to hear my students’ voices more honestly than ever before. Here’s a sampling of responses to: “write comments that you feel like the staff on this campus need to be aware of in order to improve the climate on this campus.”

- stay on top of things
- their own rules
- bring more cupcakes. be understanding towards the students.
- just keep doing what your doing. gread job, and you can only help students that want help.
- is when day be fight for nothin day this what to fight evebody that look at them funny
- The staff needs to be more aware of; if the student does not understand the work. Instaed of just thinking that the student automatically know the work when they put the work sheet on their desk. They need to teach us the work before tring to just give us the work. And the teacher gives us to much work. they give us more work before we can finish with our first assignment.
- We need more pancake mix and a third floor and a pool
- they need to improve their security more & have better rules then the ones we have already
- Naw mang
- i dont know… Really you cant do nothing… The students is still going to do what they want to do
- staff need to keep an eye on some of the students taht want to threaten other students and that want to fight all the time because they do not need to be in this school if they are going to threaten people and say that they will bring there people to do a drive by or threaten to hurt someone
- When something is going to happen and there are words going around at this school this school needs to be ready for the unexpected
- they should help us alot more and not get attitudes when we do ask… i tihnk they should grade on effert and not jus give them a F when they try supper hard… the should also explane the lesson in a way the students can understand
- This Schoool Has So Much Watching Out Yet They Still Can’t Seem To Do Anything About It So More Watch Out
- I think that they need to be aware of bluingand other.
- this school isnt as bad as people say it is. basically its the students not the school sam houston is what we make it and right now we are’nt setting good examples or doing good expectations.
- i feel that the staff dont listen to what going on they just whant to kick every one out. This school needs talk to the kids taht loko mad and needs more camares out side of school. Plus they need to close this school down becouse the restroom are miss up and stink. thank you
- brush their teeth ….. ha ha
- I dont know because this was a stupid survey
- idk

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