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Dec 07 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

15-minute write:
1) What is your favorite thing about this class?
2) What is your LEAST favorite thing about this class?
3) If you could do one thing to change this class, what would you do?

When I walk into this class I grab my work go to my seat put my back pack down take out my pen or pencil an begin the warm up. It’s usally a four question warm up when I’m done I put my head down One of the favorite things I think About this class is that I could chill an Relax. Its kind of bad an off task but that juss gives me more time to chill when she is done trying to explain the warm-up we move on to the I do If I need help she does come an help me under stand After the I do we go on to the we do I get that done then back to chillin while she trys to get every one to complet the work. The least favorite thing about this class is that I dont get to learn how I want the one way I think to improve this class is that when Ms. begins to teach everyone shuts there Ass up!!

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