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Feb 03 2011

Three Quick Stories

#1: I can see my breath outside, but no one believes in insulation in Texas, apparently. It’s so cold in my apartment that this morning, rather than brave the cold for three more seconds to grab underwear from my drawer, I got dressed in my steamy bathroom and went without.

#2: I’m pretty sure that, when calling parents today and yesterday, I spoke with my Moody kid and my Joker, pretending to be their fathers. They were just a little too gruff, a little too informal, and a little to eager to get off the phone. I played it cool and said a lot of “… because I know he’s really, really smart, and I know we both really care about him, so I want to make sure he’s behaving so he can learn in class.” But I can’t wait to narrow my eyes at them tomorrow.

#3: Today, I was really laying into my Toothpik and my Fake ESL kid, who have decided they don’t have to do anything in 8th period. Another one of my students, who technically has dropped my class but still does his work in my classroom, was nearby. My Toothpik mumbled something to the effect of “Miss, why do you always bother us? You know we’re never gonna do any work.” And my other (former) student, without picking his head up off the desk, said flatly: “She only does it because she cares.” Then he laughed and pretended it was a joke to lighten the mood, but for a flash there, he was serious and I could tell.

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  1. LOVE. Love. Love. Love. NEVER forget, whoever holds out the longest, wins… and if you win, they win! Go Team!

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