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Feb 08 2011

A Series of Events

1) On January 20th, corps members got an email from Wendy introducing TFA’s five-year plan and her new book.

2) On Friday, I read One Day, All Children (snow days are good for that sort of thing).

3) Shortly thereafter, and multiple times since, I remembered that the TFA Summit is THIS WEEKEND!  In less than 66 hours, I will be in D.C., positively SWIMMING in Kool-Aid.  (omgomgomgomgomg…)

4) So … I’ve finally started dipping into all the hoo-hah on ed reform. Nothing too earth-shattering: just reading around online a little more online about Parents Across America, on TFA’s reception in Seattle/Tacoma (very close to my home), and other exciting things that maybe shouldn’t be as controversial as they are.

But I came across an epic blog post by the lovely, inspirational, amazing Melissa Tran. To a very busy first-year teacher just now starting to getting all the issues straight, this was a fantastically comprehensive and grounded look at what everyone is talking about.

I really liked it, and thought you should read it.

2 Responses

  1. WHAAAATTTTT? Leslie. You are coming HERE? I know you will be all hyped up on the Kool-Aid and having so much fun and all but can I get a minute sometime, somehow? If nothing else maybe I can give you a ride to/from the airport… how exciting!!! Let me know your itinerary.

    And thank you so much for your kind words about my article… I tried to fairly represent both sides of “the great debate” in a way that would be accessible to people who aren’t educators.

    I was just about to highjack your blog with a ridiculously long response but will post it on my blog instead, as I’m long overdue. Thanks again, Leslie – you made my day!

    • Wess


      Thats EXACTLY why I liked your post so much–because it represented both sides of the issue without vilifying one or the other. I feel like the health care debate needs you, too!

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