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Mar 26 2011

Pre-Sophomore Teacher

Yesterday, I made a shift. If you know high school freshmen, you know that there’s some point close to the end of the year when they stop being freshmen per se and become… “pre-sophomores.” (likewise, there’s a point closer to the beginning when they actually become high-school students instead of eighth-graders plopped into a high…

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Mar 22 2011

How can you teach and not write?

I’ve never done anything in my life as rich as teaching. I’ve never had so many interesting things begging me to spend time thinking about them. That’s got to be why teaching was what finally nudged me into writing. I’ve never had so much to say and so little space to say it! Phone conversations…

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Mar 19 2011

Then and Now

There was a time, not so long ago, when Teach For America was just a bookmark in Firefox and a non-profit I thought was too good to be true. While I certainly am the same person I was then (it was only two years ago), there are a couple things I’ve been noticing lately that…

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Mar 17 2011

Institute Time Capsule

I’m sitting in the West servery at Rice University—in the same spot I sat so many long, single-minded Institute afternoons. I’m watching college kids walk by in sweat pants with their breakfasts. Smelling the smell of this place makes my heart feel funny. This summer was such an experience, and my life since then has…

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Scene:  In a coffeeshop open late, Tired-But-Wired Teacher (T-B-W) sits at the table, hoping to plan a Friday-before-Spring-Break lesson that packs a punch. Already on her second cup of Texas Pecan, she’s finally caught up on emails, checked her facebook one last time, and said her last g-chat farewells. T-B-W (Out loud,  to self): “Aight. One…

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Mar 10 2011


Partly out of guilt from all of the mornings I spent in his classroom whining and complaining during the fall, I told my sort-of-mentor teacher next door that I’d co-sponsor the Robotics team with him this year. I warned him that I know absolutely nothing about robotics, to which he replied, “you’d be surprised how…

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Mar 07 2011

Forgetting the Noodles

It’s funny how my posts used to show a slightly inaccurate picture of my life by omitting positive parts, and now they’re showing a slightly inaccurate picture of my life because it seems I’ve the opposite problem. It’s a lot easier now to write about the amazing moments, and the not-as-amazing bits don’t flow quite…

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