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Apr 12 2011

Back to Narcolepsy

Partly because of a newfound social life and partly because of a newfound motivation and inspiration for creating good lessons (and partly because of tests approaching and partly because of procrastination on certification requirements), I’ve slept less during these past two weeks than I have during any period since … Institute, probably.

On one hand, this is annoying. It means I nod off while lesson planning, riding the bus, checking my email before class, blogging… (though I have yet to fall asleep on the toilet, which means I’m doing better than I was in  college). It means I make excuses to stay in bed in the mornings, often skipping showers and breakfast. My eyes are heavy and dry, I have trouble focusing, and I’ve got both The Stares and those weird, distracting little moments of woozy.

But overall, this is a very good sign. I’ve never needed much more than about six hours per night, but my most successful periods are marked by stretches of two to three punctuated with seven or eight every couple nights. This is how I’m used to working—and while it is definitely not the best way and I have goals to figure out how to be productive and get sleep (imagine that!), it is comforting to finally have my old working style back. Putting off going to bed to just get one more thing done is definitely a far cry from putting it off out of guilt or going to bed early out of defeat.

I feel like all I write about lately is the contrast between Before and After.  … I promise, I do have other interesting things to say. But this whole getting-better thing just isn’t getting any less amazing.

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  1. Are you part of the sleepless elite? I’m a wannabe short sleeper, for real. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703712504576242701752957910.html

    • Wess

      Ha! Sadly, think I’m in the 95% that just think they are. I’m sure I’d be more functional if I could figure out how to get myself in the 8 hours per night habit.

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