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Apr 26 2011

High Stakes

If I could have picked one day—one day out of the whole school year—to have my Brat be in a good mood, it would have been yesterday.

I wanted to pull her aside and tell her how much she means to me, that she only missed it by six questions last year and I know if she works hard at keeping her head in the game she can take it this year. I wanted to look her in the eye and point to all the improvement I’ve seen that she can’t see. I wanted to fill her up on the day before her test, and give her a whole afternoon and evening to chew on it and come around to the decision to give her all today. Especially, I wanted to make her see I know how hard it is, and how she’ll still be just as important to me if she fails.

But she was as bristly as I’ve ever seen her. She walked in sucking her teeth in reply to my “Why hello!” and sulked until I had to ask her to start her Do Now… then it was “I’m bored, I’m bored I’m bored I’m BORED! AUGH!” and “God, Miss! Do you not know what ‘Leave me alone’ means?!?”

… and so I missed my chance. She’s testing in room 309 today, and I’m blitzing with the freshmen  in the 600 hallway—I have my arsenal of breakfast bars ready, just in case.

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