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Apr 28 2011

Is this Real Life?

It feels like a weekend, but I work tomorrow.

These last couple days of working without teaching have made me wonder whether this is what it’s like to be a Normal Person with a Real Life—I wake up, go to work, then leave work at work before I come home and relax. Right now, my laundry’s in the dryer, and getting it there didn’t mess up my whole night. I got caught in a long conversation with my ED and some corps members at the office, and didn’t feel guilty about it.

I’ve been making lists and planning vaguely, but for the most part, I feel like a person with an 8-5 job who could come home and still have a life, if I wanted.

p.s. I saw my Brat today and told her a bit of my dream—she said “you for real dreamed that?” and when we parted ways, she sort of subconsciously touched my arm a little as she was leaving. A win, today. She knows I care about her. I just wish that was translating into something more … life-changing.

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