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Aug 20 2010

Heard in SA

On last year’s standardized test data: “We need to focus on the students taking the TAKS-M test this year. Those are the ones who are really hurting the school.” On teaching the required first-week curriculum: “The district made this plan… but we’re doing only half of it. The kids won’t pay attention to it anyway.”…

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Aug 12 2010


Some people blog to have an outlet for artful writing expression… some do it to impress others with their wit… some do it to update people who live far away about all the exciting things in their lives… some do it to enlighten their readers when they have epiphanies… I will definitely take on all…

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Jul 16 2010

Last Days in Houston

Thursday, July 15th: BIG TEST DAY! Somehow, I was able to keep all my kids in their seats to take the test. They all put their nose to the grindstone and hammered that baby out; it was about an hour of just sitting there doing math problems, and I was so proud. It was so…

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Jul 06 2010

Head –> Wall

Today felt like an exercise in futility. We had a three day weekend for the 4th of July. I spent hours this weekend trying to get ahead (read: catch up) with lesson planning. I planned and planned and planned when I should have been chatting up my lovely relatives. I spent hours grading assessments, grading…

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Jun 30 2010

Real Problems

Somehow, students who are hell-on-wheels during one period can be angelic and crazy-invested the next. It just shows you not to go by what you hear in advance. Somehow, sixth-graders can go from baby elementary-school babies to flat-out teenagers with teenager issues. One of my girls, sweet and round-faced and helpful, said to me in…

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Jun 27 2010

What’s left of this week

What a week, I tell you what! I’m very slow at lesson-planning, and so the work-load for me has been very similar to the load during that high point in that last semester of college, when you think you must be dreaming every time you look at your to-do list. Up at 5:30am, teaching from…

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I never seem to be able to justify sitting down and typing about everything that’s going on down here for as long as I feel like I should. But before I get back down to lesson-planning and rehearsing and all that jazz, I thought I’d get some things down. We got to observe our classrooms…

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Jun 15 2010

About Tuesday

I’m really digging all the learning I’m doing in so short a time. During the sessions, it’s sometimes frustrating just because I’m used to such a slower pace, but there’s always ample guided practice time afterward to get it right. It seems crazy that there are only three instructional days between me and the classroom…

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Jun 15 2010

Induction vs. Institute

Middle School of Fine Arts? … Texas is weird. It’s 6:15 am and I’m getting ready to head to DAY TWO! of Institute. Yesterday was mostly fantastic, and very interesting, and very long. The total # of typos and misplaced apostrophes or commas in TFA texts has increased from zero to 3. And while an…

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Jun 13 2010

Spurred ;)

I have yet to become disenchanted with Teach For America. Every encounter I’ve had, from recruiting meetings to reminder emails to my interview to this first day of indution, has been consistently, increasingly impressive. It’s been one growing pleasant surprise. Oh, it’s cool that they put so much energy into recruiting; they really do recruiting…

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Jun 13 2010

Dear San Antonio Charter Corps:

WE are going to be the inspiring numbers, the anecdotes, the data that are going to WOW next year’s 2011 SA CMs, going to make them shudder with excitement and make THEM excited to get going. WE are going to BE those stories! These 100 people are going to be the numbers that define SA for…

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Jun 09 2010

Texas Blog?

I’ve been thinking I want to have a blog, or blog-esque thing, to keep loved ones update on Texas goings-on. However, I’m thinking I probably don’t really want to set up a REAL blog. Perhaps facebook notes will do just fine? I may change my mind. But for now, here’s Texas, day one. Hopefully I’ll…

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