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Aug 19 2012

Thank-You Note

I have some informal skeletons of blog posts halfway planned out in my mind, but I’m postponing those after spending some time perusing the current TFUs buffet. I felt a little bad after writing the post before last. Maybe it’s obvious and maybe it’s not, but I’m in this weird place of trying to figure…

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Aug 10 2012

Freire and Hot Fries

My English teacher my junior year of high school told me it’s impossible to read without a pen in hand. I don’t have a pen–just a bag of hot fries. I do, however, have a blog…   Pedagogy of the Oppressed seemed very black and white. The whole world can be categorized and chunked up…

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Aug 10 2012

August Purples

As an optimist, I tend to find things to be happy about—especially in things that are too late to change. So maybe this lovely August feeling I have is part of that coping mechanism. BUT. That said. Can I just take a second and talk about how happy I am that I’m not writhing with…

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Aug 05 2012

The Diversity Issue

In case you didn’t know, I was featured in the Fall 2011 One Day magazine (page 13, what!). I’m TFAmous, people. I never did read the rest of the magazine, though. Someone asked me recently whether I’d read “the Diversity Issue” of One Day, and I didn’t realize this was the very issue they were…

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Aug 04 2012

Being White

As a white lady who has recently decided her life’s calling is racial justice work, I spend a lot of time thinking about how my knowledge of race issues, necessarily, comes second-hand. I spend a lot of time wondering whether I, as a white person, am the right sort of person to be inserting my…

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Even as I acknowledge (and complain about) all of TFA’s things that get under my skin and make me sound like yet another angry blogger, I still love Teach For America because of the people in it, and because of its neurotically mission-driven culture.   Teach For America is an organization full of people who,…

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I just wrote about the silliness of personifying TFA in order to complain about it. But for now, I’m talking outside the realm of my own personal TFA experience, and while I guess I could just email this straight to TFA’s Executive Vice President of People, Community, and Diversity (maybe I will), I still want to…

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“The issues of racism in education explained to me how I could get kicked out of school in the eighth grade. How it was that a bright Latina kid could sit in front of a guidance counselor, tell her that I wanted to be placed on a college track because I’m going to go to…

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Jul 09 2012

Practicing what I Preach

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think about honesty lately, and to wonder why I’m so obsessed with it as of late.   I was reminded today of something I knew once and ignored: that it’s too easy to anthropomorphize Teach For America to get out of criticizing a real person or people. “TFA”…

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Jul 03 2012

Today, I’m tired of Messy.

For the last two years, it seems, I’ve been unable to think clearly unless I’m typing. If you don’t want to read my disillusioned processing, please don’t.   Actually, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just make my blog posts private until I figure these last two years out. (And stop talking, too, ha.) Everything…

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