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“…Well, the 14 here is the diameter. Remember, diameter? … Diameter is all the way across the middle of the circle. In our formula, there’s an r. What does r stand for?    …  What’s an r-word we’ve been talking about with circles?  …   Okay, well, R stands for radius. The diameter goes all the way…

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Nov 14 2010

Just make it to November 11th.

On the way to school: I dreamed I was in a meeting with my administrators and found out I was to be “terminated.” Wishful thinking? Paranoia? Your guess is as good as mine. First period: Revolt. My wise young lesbian interrupts me in the middle of a crappy lesson on no-one-knows-what to address the class:…

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Nov 14 2010

If only…

If I’d been blogging during the last two weeks, you would have heard all about: – The day my Big Goal came to class and BLEW UP at me, big time. That was the angriest I’ve ever seen anyone. – The day I (finally) wrote a kid up for throwing things around my room, to…

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Oct 30 2010

Out the Window

The other Geometry teacher at my school thought I was speaking figuratively. “Haha, yeah, my kids didn’t really like them either…” I knew this was going to be immensely satisfying. So I listened patiently: “…but I’m sure they’ll get used to them. I mean, of course you’ve got your SmartView up so you can teach them…

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Oct 15 2010

I’ll have you know

“Miss, I’ll have you know I learned something in this class, because I did not know how to do this last year.” … and I know she wasn’t just being nice, either, because I was “getting on her nerves” for all but those 6 seconds. !!! One kid. One kid learned one thing–THANK YOU!! Finally!…

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Sep 30 2010

September the Last

Tomorrow is October. OCTOBER already. I’ve been living the same impossible week over and over and over again, and I just don’t see how it’s not still August 30. Time is passing. As I still struggle to get myself to work every morning and through every day, the clock is ticking and the achievement gap…

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1st period was okay, I think. It may have been good, even; I don’t remember. 3rd period is usually really fun, and today they were just crazy and non-responsive and I went all angry-teacher on them, which didn’t work, of course. And then 5th period was the same (because it’s comprised basically of everyone in…

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Sep 01 2010

Wednesday Moment

“Miss?”    I went over and teacher-squatted next to my Converse Kid’s desk. “Yes?” “Miss… Miss, ah…” “What’s up?” “Miss, I’ve never said this to a teacher before, but…”  (and now I’m all ears, totally interested/concerned/curious/really perplexed) “… but, ah… ah… you’re the most beautiful teacher I’ve ever seen.” … “Thank you. That’s very nice of…

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