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I’ve done a fair bit of reading about racism, but until now the only connection to education has been that I occasionally post things here about what I read. Recently though, I read bell hooks’ “Teaching Community: A Pedogogy of Hope” (which was admittedly mostly about undergraduate and graduate students) and started Lisa Delpit’s “Other…

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Sep 13 2012

The Cost of Racism

I’ve been a little blog-blocked lately, in part because I’m afraid of producing the exact same kind of entry I’m tired of reading. I’m tired of reading blather from bloggers who pretend to be rational and neutral but refuse to look at the whole story. Why didn’t I see any feminist posts praising Mitt Romney…

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Aug 04 2012

Being White

As a white lady who has recently decided her life’s calling is racial justice work, I spend a lot of time thinking about how my knowledge of race issues, necessarily, comes second-hand. I spend a lot of time wondering whether I, as a white person, am the right sort of person to be inserting my…

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Trayvon Martin is all my kids have talked about for the past month. And with good reason. And with really amazing depth and intuition. My kids know everything. All of it. All the facts and allegations, all the conclusions both specific and societal, all the causes of this and thousands of other events just like…

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Jan 03 2012

Pick Your Battles

Gems from today: Toothpik, after I accidentally set the timer for 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes: “Miss,  that was barely 5 seconds! This aint Aisa! I aint Chinese!” … if I were a better person and hadn’t been dead-set on getting him started on the problems on the board, I would have laid a smackdown on…

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Apr 04 2011


Three important things: Today, my Fake ESL kid copied the notes AND did the examples and checks AND plotted points. I didn’t get nearly excited enough at the time, so I’m bringing him a candy bar tomorrow. I’ve decided that even if none of my other kids pass, I’ll be happy if I can just…

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