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There is an amazing discussion happening on THIS post (http://wessie.teachforus.org/2011/08/25/cool-it/ – WHY aren’t my hyperlinks working?), which reminded me that, if I’m going to keep my blog linked to the Whole Brain Teaching discussion forum, I should probably write a little about, you know, Whole Brain Teaching. I began WBT with some trepidation but with more…

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Aug 23 2011

Day 1B

My juniors this morning were a lot harder to sell than any of my students yesterday. It was first (second) period, and I was a bit distracted. Thank heavens I’d had all of yesterday to back me up, which meant I was able to hold them to the level of yesterday’s classes even when half…

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I’m having a hard time not doing cartwheels down the hallway right now. I don’t know what order to spew all of this in; I don’t even know all of the things I have to say. I’m REELING from the success of whole brain teaching in my classroom today. They LOVED it. They were smiling…

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Aug 10 2011

I. Am. So. Thrilled.

Orientation this year was EXACTLY what I needed, and I didn’t even know I needed it! Everything we talked about was centered on articulating our long-term vision for our students—and the process of pulling out what I’m doing and why I’m here has done SO much for my outlook for my classroom. I love that…

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Aug 03 2011

Mirror Pic

I am… … teaching upper-level math! … SO happy to finally know what I’m teaching this year. … shocked that I’ll be teaching juniors and seniors. … sad for the other teachers who really wanted to teach upperclassmen… … nervous to be in charge of students who, in some cases, are two years younger than…

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